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PDF Digital Download Vintage Sewing Pattern 6 Stuffed Plush Soft Body Boy Girl Rag Dolls Toys

Product Code: SP/CH/3
Vintage Chart or Graph Sewing Pattern to make
 6 Stuffed Plush Soft Body Boy Girl Rag Dolls with Outfits
"The dolls make up at 14" tall and are separated pancake style.
The neck is sewn to the back of the head to give the doll a chin.
They have mitten hands, embroidered features and yarn hair.
All six dolls are made from the same pattern.
The maker has a choice of three different faces to embroider,
with three different girls' hairstyles, and one boys' hairstyle.
This pattern has instructions with illustrations .
The clothing patterns include underwear, two hats,
and shoes to be made from felt.
Socks are to be purchased.
All outfits are made to be removable.

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