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PDF Digital Download Vintage Sewing Pattern 6 Assorted American Indian Dolls & Clothes


American Indian Maidens Doll PDF Sewing pattern 1960s

Make 6 Native American Dolls
Each with her own Tribal Costume!
PLUS! A Slumbering Baby in a Cradleboard!
Approximate size - 15" tall 
Pueblo from the Southwest with here iconic "squash blossom" hairstyle and belted dress
Cherokee - From the Smokey Mountains with calico dress and colorful beads
Seminole from Florida - with colorful patchwork skirt and glassy beads
Iroquois from the Northeast with intricate beading based on true Iroquios designs!
Navajo from the Southwest with colorful blanket and silver jewlery
Western Sioux from the Plains with gorgeous beaded dress and moccasins

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