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Pattern Swop Crochet



1. Choose one of your crochet pattern PDFs to swop.
2. Make a copy of your PDF to retain for yourself.
3. Choose a pattern from our knitting pattern categories on
this site or on Ickythecat on Etsy. (A link to this site can be 
found on the home page.)
4. Purhase a listing from this sub-category.
5. We will email you to ask which pattern you are offering to swop.
6. We will then email you and ask you to send us the pattern.
7. We will reply with a copy of the pattern from our stock which you
have chosen.

Some questions about Pattern Swop answered

1. Why do we charge a nominal amount for this service?
We charge a nominal sum to account for the work involved with
checking our very large inventory.
2. What happens if ickycat already has a copy of the pattern
offered by the customer?
We will ask you to offer an alternative or refund you, whichever
you prefer.
3. Why does the customer have to send the pattern to swop first?
There is trust involved in this, you are also covered with Paypal
customer protection for this purchase.
4. How do I describe the pattern I want to swop?
Please email us the pattern maker and number if you can. If you 
cannot identify the source please send us the pattern picture.