Welcome to www.ickycat.co.uk,  sister shop to our etsy shop which ranks in the top 1% of Etsy sellers.

This inventory is still growing, as is the alternative inventory in our Etsy shop which contains over ten thousand patterns for sale:


We are open Mon-Fri, UK hours. Due to volume of trade, please do not expect your manual PDF patterns immediately. PDF patterns are emailed to you, not downloaded from the site.


Dear Etsy Customers,

We will be launching our Fourth Site in the next few 
weeks. Hope to see you there for great choice and great

Having responded to your requests concerning the launch of our new unique craft service, we have launched it here first as PATTERN SWOP. Please see the new category in this shop.

General Customer Information:

You will usually register on the website as you go through the Checkout process and you are asked for an email address and password for customer login for future purchases.

For every £1.00 spent, you will receive a Loyalty Point worth £0.25, these can be redeemed to purchase patterns, once you have collected five points - and there is no time limit for redeeming your points. Loyalty Points can not be used to pay for delivery, however, only patterns.

If you would like a SUPER SIZED photo of any of the listings on this site, click on the listing title then click on the "pin it'' badge and save the photo to your pin board

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